Actionable feedback at an affordable price



/ month

Send up to 30 Surveys



/ month

Send up to 500 Surveys



/ month

Send up to 1500 Surveys


Automatic Survey Sending - Customizable days after each sale

Survey Throttling - Prevents customers from being over surveyed

Customizable Emails - Colors, Logo, Copy, Thank You

Tag your responses (Coming soon)


Which plan is right for me?

Tiny Feedback automatically sends a survey after each order, therefore chose the plan that correlates with how many orders you get a month

Is there a free plan?

Yup! Send up to 30 surveys a month with out any feature limitations!

Billing, Canceling, Etc...

All billing takes place through Shopify itself. You can cancel by uninstalling the app within Shopify.

Join the beta!

Tiny Feedback will be launching spring 2019!

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